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Metropolitan Heating and Cooling Is Your Space Heater Expert

Looking to install a space heater in your home? Maybe you need a current one serviced or repaired? Metropolitan Heating and Cooling can help. You will be pleased with our wealth of experience, outstanding service and flexible payment options.

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What Is A Space Heater?

A space heater is a compact, gas-powered heating unit designed to be installed in an individual room, with a flue extending to the outdoor environment. Space heaters present an excellent and budget-friendly option for warming up smaller spaces. They are economical to operate, offering a cost-efficient and practical alternative to other heaters such as ducted heating systems. Available in various sizes and styles, there’s a model to complement any home.

Space Heater Varieties

Selecting a space heater is very similar to finding the ideal winter coat; it needs to be the perfect fit for your space.

The term "space heater" encompasses a variety of heating options, including:

Other heaters include the fan heater, the oil column heater, the ceramic heater, oscillating heaters and convection heaters. For tech enthusiasts, infrared space heaters offer stylish and efficient heating performance. Each delivers optimal heating performance with remarkable efficiency, heating the room faster and getting it to the exact temperature with ease.

Gas Wall-Mounted Heaters

In search of a heating solution that's efficient yet doesn't hog too much space? A gas wall-mounted heater could be precisely what you need. These devices affix straight to your wall, preserving valuable floor space while ensuring an even distribution of heat throughout the room. They prove particularly advantageous during the cooler spells, providing warmth and comfort without the necessity of activating numerous room heaters. Additionally, they tend to be more energy-efficient compared to electric models, offering potential reductions on your electricity bills. Plus, modern designs mean these heaters can integrate seamlessly with your home's interior.

Thinking about making a change? Delve into our range at Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, and discover the efficiency and practicality of gas wall-mounted heaters!

Gas Log Fireplaces

Picture this: You're snuggled up watching TV beside a radiant fireplace on a chilly night, enveloped in lavish warmth. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With our gas log fireplaces, this can be your reality. They encapsulate the allure of a traditional fireplace, providing warmth and a captivating flame effect without the inconvenience of wood storage and ash clean-up. These elegant units have the capacity to heat an entire room, all the while serving as a fashionable focal point in your living area. Safe and exceedingly efficient, they ensure an even distribution of warmth, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable environment throughout the colder months. Plus, you’ll appreciate the remote control function, facilitating easy temperature adjustments.

Elevate your living space with a gas log fireplace from Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, and savour cosy moments with a contemporary flair!

Electric Heaters

Electric space heaters stand out for their simplicity and effectiveness. Simply plug them into your power point, and they instantly turn colder areas of your home into cosy, warm havens. Curious about the options available? There’s a wide variety, including the fan heater, the oil column heater, the ceramic heater and ranging from units featuring digital displays to models that can be operated with a remote control, ensuring there’s a choice for every preference. A significant advantage of most portable electric space heaters is their compact size, making them perfect for smaller rooms or for those in need of a portable heating option. Additionally, safety features such as overheating protection guarantee their safe operation.

Ceramic Heaters

Have you come across a ceramic tower heater? These units employ a ceramic heating element to emit a comforting surge of warmth throughout your space, providing a type of heating that’s akin to a gentle embrace. The ceramic tower heater elevates the experience with its sleek and stylish design, integrating effortlessly into your interior décor while ensuring uniform heat distribution, even in larger areas.

Ceramic heaters are equipped with features such as overheat protection and variable heat settings, delivering both cosiness and safety. Now is the perfect moment to upgrade your home’s comfort levels and bask in the soothing warmth of a ceramic tower heater.

Smart Heaters

Smart heaters combine the best of warmth and technological innovation. Envision being able to adjust your room's temperature with a few quick taps on your smartphone or a simple voice command! Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, our intelligent heaters empower you to change your heating settings even when you’re elsewhere in the house. And those sleek digital displays? They’re not merely for show; they provide real-time updates on the ambient temperature. Additionally, you have other features like oscillation settings and various heating modes, allowing for complete customisation of your heating experience.

Relish the luxury of programming your heater to activate just in time for your return home, or ensuring it stays on a low setting all through the night. Step into the era of intelligent heaters and introduce a wave of contemporary ease into your living space!

Portable Heaters

Have you ever longed to carry that delightful cocoon of warmth with you from one room to another? This is exactly what portable heating makes possible.

Boasting a compact build and a lightweight structure, mobile electric heaters can effortlessly accompany you, ensuring a steady flow of heat in any area you choose. Essential safety features such as tip-over and overheating protection are included, providing you with peace of mind.

Embrace the liberty of experiencing ambient warmth in any section of your home, all without the need for permanent installation. It’s all about tailoring comfort to suit your needs, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Space Heating Features

A great space heater really isn’t just for cranking up the warmth; it’s the additional features of modern heaters that truly enhance the experience.

First off, the heat output is crucial as it dictates the extent and speed at which the warm air circulates throughout your space. Nowadays, numerous models provide an array of heating options and adjustable temperature settings, including an oscillation feature and dial controls. These grant you the freedom to dictate the level of warmth. Most heaters also come with a fan only mode which allows you to simply circulate the air without using the heater function itself.

When it comes to standard safety features, elements like overheating protection and a tip-over switch are vital, ensuring you enjoy the heat without any compromise on safety. Interested in a heater with a sleek digital display or perhaps a unit that comes with a remote control for ultimate convenience? We’ve got the capability to set those up for you too!

Servicing Your Space Heater

We strongly advise engaging in regular maintenance for your space heater to guarantee it's running at its best. Regular check-ups can significantly extend the life of your heater and help avert small issues from escalating into costly troubles, which is crucial, especially for gas space heaters, due to the potential danger of carbon monoxide leakage.

Our qualified technicians are competent to service a wide array of space heaters, spanning different brands, models, and makes. A thorough Metropolitan service encompasses:

  • Inspecting all internal components to ensure they are functioning properly
  • Conducting carbon monoxide tests
  • Evaluating the thermostat
  • Examining gas pressures and connections
  • Assessing the condition of the flue

At Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, we are committed to keeping you safe and ensuring your heater operates at its peak performance. Don’t hesitate to schedule your maintenance session with us today.

Safety at the Forefront with Our Heaters

Premium Space Heater Brands

As you delve into the warm and inviting world of space heaters, you'll encounter an array of brands, each vying to bring that much-needed warmth into your living space. At Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, we offer supply and installation services for top-of-the-line space heaters from trusted brands such as Rinnai, Braemar, Omega, and more.

Envision basking in the soothing ambient warmth of a high-end gas log fireplace, or revelling in the potent heat output of one of our electric heaters. We boast a collection of space heaters that meet the highest standards for safety, efficiency, and outstanding value. So, why not peruse our selection of premier space heater brands and discover the perfect addition to your home?

Individual Room Heater Guide

Oh, the delights of having a personal heater; it’s akin to sipping on a cup of hot chocolate crafted just for you. These wonderful devices are superb for moments when you desire the warmth to be concentrated on you, not necessarily filling the entire room. Perfect for your home study, a small bedroom, or a cosy reading corner, an individual room heater provides pinpointed warmth right where you need it.

Based on your requirements, you could choose a gas wall furnace, a compact electric heater, or perhaps a specific ceramic heater with variable heat settings. Ever heard of spot heating? It’s the brilliant concept of heating up particular zones without unnecessarily warming up the entire space. Explore the magic of personal heaters, and discover your very own snug haven of warmth!

Energy Efficiency Considerations

We all cherish the comfort of a warm room, but the prospect of exorbitant energy bills? Not so much. Fortunately, with a space heater installed by Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, you can bask in the warmth of your home without the energy consumption skyrocketing.

Metropolitan is well-versed in fitting space heaters tailored for peak heating efficiency, ensuring your electricity bills don’t go through the roof. Whether it's installing oscillating fan heaters for uniform heat distribution or helping you choose a heater with just the right heat output for your space to prevent unnecessary energy use, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, don't forget the 'fan only' option, a cost-effective choice during the warmer seasons. So, go on and indulge in the warmth without the financial worry; we offer energy-efficient solutions designed to keep you snug while keeping your bills in check.

Heater Noise Considerations

Now, let's delve into a frequently overlooked aspect of many space heaters: their noise output. Relishing in the comfort of warm air is splendid, but an incessant buzz or clatter can certainly sour the experience. Fortuitously, our installation expertise at Metropolitan Heating and Cooling extends to space heaters engineered for whisper-quiet operation. Curious about their level of silence? We’ve rigorously tested various space heaters with a decibel meter, ensuring they maintain your tranquil surroundings. From gas wall furnaces featuring muted fans to electric space heaters that operate in near silence, your peaceful ambience remains intact. So, whether you're engrossed in a novel, managing tasks from your home office, or settling in for a film, you can enjoy the most space heaters without the auditory intrusion. After all, warmth should be felt – not heard!

Why Choose Metropolitan Heating and Cooling?

With over 25 years of experience in the heating and cooling sector, Metropolitan Heating and Cooling stands out as your genuine specialist in space heaters. We are committed to offering personalised guidance, routine upkeep, as well as rapid repairs and new installations for your space heater.

Being a part of the renowned Metropolitan Group, we have carved out a stellar reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction across Australia. We are devoted to delivering top-tier service, aligned with our Quality Assurance Guarantee. This guarantee ensures we provide you with:

  • Round-the-clock service, covering public holidays
  • Rapid response, aiming for service within the hour*
  • A team of fully certified technicians
  • Hassle-free interest-free** payment options
  • Transparent, upfront fixed-price quotations
  • Charging per job, not per hour
  • A comprehensive 12-month warranty on all work undertaken
  • A robust $20 million public liability insurance

Above everything, Metropolitan maintains consistent pricing for space heating services during evenings, weekends, and public holidays, identical to our standard business hour rates. Rest assured, there will be no surprise fees for services rendered outside the typical 9-5 workday. This commitment to fairness and transparency is our guarantee to you.

Interest-Free** Payment Options

At Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, we are delighted to provide an array of interest-free** payment plans across our entire selection of services.

Select a payment plan with one of our affiliated providers – Zip or Humm, offering you the flexibility to make repayments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Certain plans are even available with a $0 deposit, meaning you don't have to pay anything upfront.

Our heating and cooling technicians are equipped to guide you through the straightforward application process right there and then, with approval typically only taking a matter of minutes. After that, you can relax and let us handle the rest.

Other Heating and Cooling Services

Get in Touch Today

A space heater is a great alternative to whole-home heating solutions, allowing you to save energy and save money simply by heating a single room. Whether you have a gas powered convection heater, a portable electric heater or an oil column heater, the one thing you want from your space heater is excellent performance.

Metropolitan Heating and Cooling is your go-to for all space heater services, covering everything from regular maintenance and repairs to installations. For specialist advice, top-notch craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer satisfaction, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

All our expert HVAC, heating cooling and air conditioning technicians, are fully equipped and trained to find, supply and install the perfect Space Heater for your home. They’ll have a conversation with you and find out what matters most to you, including:

You may notice we mention the word 'flue' a lot, especially when talking about gas space heating. A flue is a duct to the outside air.  It's a sort of chimney. It works on the principle that hot air is lighter than the surrounding air. So, a flue funnels products of combustion into the open atmosphere rather than spilling out of the draught diverter, and into your home.

In Australia, all gas space heaters are required to be flued, as a safety measure. We will ensure any gas work we do for you is flued correctly, and provide a certificate of safety.

While you could leave your gas space heater on all night, it's not advised due to the safety risk and the use of gas. We suggest you set your heater to a timer. For example, it could automatically turn itself on 30 minutes before you wake up if you want a warm room in the morning.

This is a big warning and we suggest you turn off your gas immediately to be on the safe side. A working gas heater should not have a gas smell, and it could be a sign of a leak.

If you call our team at Metropolitan Heating and Cooling, we will do our best to come out within the hour, perform gas leak and carbon monoxide testing, find the cause and carry out any repairs.

Meanwhile, monitor your health, and if you have any strange symptoms, seek medical services if necessary.

It depends on the size of the heater and how often you use it.  Modern space heaters are more efficient than older ones, but they still don't use an extravagant amount of fuel.  You shouldn't be careless and leave them on overnight, but if you do occasionally, you won't see a huge rise in your bill.

Not really.  Ignition is trivial and a fan doesn't use very much power.

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