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How Often Should A Split System Be Serviced?

Right across Australia spring is a truly transitional time. The weather jumps between hot and cold or wet and dry faster than you can blink. With rapidly changing conditions it’s a good time to check on your split system air conditioning.

Split systems take on a lot of work all year long. There’s no downtime while keeping homes cool in summer and warm in winter.

That’s why you don’t want to forget about proper maintenance and care of split system air conditioners. Otherwise, you’ll be staring at some costly lessons when things go wrong – at the wrong time.

When is the Best Time for a Split System Service?

The key to high performance from split systems is perfectly timed maintenance. You want everything to be tuned up before the big race, so to speak.

That’s why the best times for a split system air conditioner service are both spring and autumn. Heating and cooling units will be in minimal use, allowing you – and a technician – plenty of time to service.

During the summer peak when temperatures regularly soar past 35°C, air conditioners break down. Technicians are under the pump with emergency repairs in harsh conditions, and your routine service might be delayed for days or even weeks.

But in spring and autumn? No worries! There’s time for a thorough, attentive service.

Importance of Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

The importance of an air conditioning service should never be understated. Maintenance means your reverse cycle unit will be positively humming throughout the toughest conditions.

Here are the top benefits of a split system service.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

Have you ever thought about what’s floating in the air? Dirt, bacteria, debris, fur and who knows what else. That’s what your split system sucks in.

But thanks to efficient air filters all of those nasty particles and what not are removed. However, if the filter is dirty that process loses efficiency.

Dust and debris build up inside the unit. Air is not cleaned properly. It remains impure and potentially dangerous to asthma sufferers or anyone sensitive to airborne allergens.

That’s why you want clean filters and coils so everyone can breathe freely.

Long-Lasting Heating and Cooling

A well-maintained split system should last between 10-15 years. While your local environment and uncontrollable external factors will impact that lifespan, you genuinely shouldn’t be saying goodbye after seven years.

Except you could if your heating and cooling systems aren’t looked after.

With plenty of moving parts and the risk of damage, routine maintenance will help catch out any minor faults. Had they been left unattended, you could be buying a replacement sooner than necessary.

Only split system air conditioners give you this kind of heating and cooling versatility, so look after your indoor unit and your outdoor unit for maximum benefits.

Couple looking at recent power bill

Save Money

With regular servicing and the attention of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist, you will save money.

An underperforming air conditioner or heater needs extra energy just to churn out substandard climate control. Why?

Well, when the filters are blocked it’s still trying to match the standards of a fresh, new appliance. When parts are broken it’s trying to do a good job, but at half capacity.

All of that extra energy for below par performance costs you money when the energy bill arrives in the mail. Energy efficiency in a split system is crucial to how well it functions.

Do I Need to Service My Split System Between Seasons?

If you have a split system – or even a ducted heating and cooling system – you might need more regular service.

It’s basically working out all year, while counterparts like a gas heater can chill out in summer, and an evaporative cooler gets to hibernate in winter. At least minimal maintenance is recommended, whether you’re heating and cooling a single room, a large open-plan area or multiple rooms.

There’s no time off for reverse cycle systems. This is why it’s recommended owners at least clean filters every three months or so, using some soapy water before letting it dry.

A qualified technician will service both indoor and outdoor units, making sure the entire system is running at optimal level.

You can also maintain a neat and tidy unit/living space around split systems to lower external risks.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units be Serviced?

Sometimes you just can’t get into all the necessary parts like coils, fans and motors. Or the unit may be in a hard-to-reach place.

That’s why Metropolitan Heating and Cooling recommends calling in a professional technician at least once a year.

They can provide a thorough clean and service, eliminating any risks, repairing damage, and getting your split system ready for the big dance.

Our local technicians are experts in HVAC, gas heating, reverse cycle and more. For any time of year and any unit, our 25 years of experience cannot be beaten. We can service the best brands at the best prices, because we charge the same rates at all hours, 24/7.

Just contact our friendly customer service team today to book in your job, or to find out more about how we can look after split systems. We can install, repair and service all the leading brands, including ActronAir, AquaMAX, Braemar, Carrier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Kaden, Fujitsu, Samsung and many others.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 20 August 2020