5 Common Split System Air Conditioner Problems and Their Solutions

The split system air conditioner is a popular choice in Australia as it provides one of the best prices, best brands, and most efficient methods for room cooling and heating.

It comprises indoor and outdoor units that transfer heat or cool air through refrigerant-filled lines. Despite its efficiency and minimal maintenance needed, the split system can sometimes experience common problems.

This blog post will discuss five frequent issues that homeowners encounter with their split system air conditioners and provide possible solutions.

Issue #1: Inadequate Cooling or Heating

One of the most common split system air conditioner problems is inadequate cooling or heating. Several factors can cause this issue.

A dirty filter in the indoor unit can restrict airflow and affect the system’s efficiency. Simple maintenance, like cleaning or replacing the filter, can readily resolve this problem.

Another possible culprit could be the outdoor unit, which may be obstructed by debris or plants. Ensure there’s sufficient space around the outdoor unit to allow for proper airflow and clean any accumulated dirt or debris.

In case these solutions don’t resolve the issue, it could potentially be due to incorrect sizing of the system. Consult a professional to evaluate your system’s capacity and recommend the best course of action.

Issue #2: Water Leaks

Water leaks can occur in both the indoor and outdoor units of a split system air conditioner. The indoor unit may have a blocked or damaged drain pipe, causing condensed water to overflow and leak.

Cleaning the drain pipe can often fix this issue. If the problem persists, consult an expert to check and potentially replace the damaged pipe.

For outdoor units, water leaks can arise from the drain pan collecting excess water. Check for any cracks in the drain pan, which may need repair or replacement.

Adjusting the air conditioner

Issue #3: Strange Noises

Strange noises coming from your split system might indicate a problem that requires attention. For instance, a rattling noise could signify that a component is loose within the unit. Check and tighten any loose parts to eliminate the sound.

Squealing noises might indicate a worn-out fan belt that may need replacement. Always consult a professional technician to assess the situation and offer the most suitable solution.

Issue #4: Power Issues

If your split system air conditioner is not turning on, power issues could be the cause. First, check that the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped and the unit is receiving power.

If everything seems fine, the problem might reside within the system’s electrical components. In such cases, it’s essential to hire a professional to inspect the unit and conduct necessary repairs.

Issue #5: Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can adversely affect the performance of your air conditioning, including cooling efficiency and energy use. If you suspect a refrigerant leak, don’t attempt to fix it yourself.

Instead, hire a professional technician as they have the necessary expertise to handle such issues safely and effectively.

A technician fixes an air conditioner

Always Trust the Pros

In conclusion, split system air conditioners are an excellent choice for keeping a single room or your entire home cool during hot summers and warm during chilly winters.

While these systems may encounter common problems, maintaining them properly and attending to issues early can prevent larger, more costly issues in the future.

Even if you own a best seller − sale price unit from one of the leading brands like Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, always consult a professional technician for repairs and maintenance, ensuring your only split system functions optimally and delivers the comfort and efficiency you desire.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 23 January 2024