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Winter Prep this Easter

Easter used to be the time when everything was closed. Trades were unavailable.  All that has changed. These days you can have your heating and cooling serviced any time you like.

That’s what we offer at Metropolitan Heating and Cooling – 24 hour a day availability right through the holiday long weekend. So, if your heating or cooling need attention during the break, Metropolitan is here to help.

No Extra Charges for After Hours

Because there are no extra charges for after hours at Metropolitan, it’s a good idea to have your heating and cooling seen to during the holiday break.  What you pay doesn’t differ from what you would on any normal day.

Take this lack of an extra charge and time off from work and you can see that Easter is actually the ideal time for getting your heating or cooling seen to properly.  It’s the perfect time to get a new air conditioner or heater installed.

Get Ready for Winter

Easter is a great opportunity to get things ready for winter.  Even if you only use your air conditioner for cooling, this is the perfect time for a clean and a service.  It means that you can confidently switch on your reverse cycle air conditioner knowing that it is going to perform as it should.

By Easter you really should have your evaporative air conditioner ready for winter. The water should be off and the unit cleaned and covered for the cold days to come.  It’s an important thing to do that you certainly won’t regret.

Qualified Gas Fitters

Metropolitan technicians are fully qualified gas fitters who can install any type of gas heater.  It’s a good time to get a new heater in.  Then you are ready to keep warm as the winter closes in. The Easter long weekend is also a good time to have your existing gas heater serviced.

When Metropolitan do any gas heating work, we also do a carbon monoxide test.   This ensures that levels are safe.

This is all possible with no extra charges for after hours.  The Easter break lets you prepare for the long winter ahead by doing the things that will make you warm and comfortable.

Metropolitan Heating and Cooling are prompt and efficient and will have any work you need done quickly, leaving you to enjoy your holiday.  And you can relax even more because that bill with no extra charges can be paid off in weekly or fortnightly instalments with our no deposit finance options** payment plans.

So have a happy Easter.  Enjoy your holiday knowing that Metropolitan Air Heating and Cooling is available at any time.

Published: 31 March 2020